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EasyPay heating oil plan

Say goodbye to worrying about your heating oil bill! With our EasyPay Heating oil monthly payment plan, you can keep your budget in line throughout the entire winter. And don't fret about running out - our automatic deliveries guarantee you'll never be left in the cold. Discover more below!


How it works:

The EasyPay Program is designed to create a credit on your account that is applied to your heating oil bill when you get a delivery; ensuring that you get the best pre-priced oil prices.

Monthly Statements

Each month you will receive a monthly EasyPay statement that will be due by the 1st of each month.  If you choose to send your payments through the mail your contract will come with a payment book that you can use to send with payments and keep track of your payments.

fuel Delivery

Upon each delivery, our driver will leave a ticket at your door showing the total gallons delivered, the price per gallon charged on delivery.  You will not pay this invoice as your monthly EasyPay payment is covering your cost.

How we determine your monthly price

We take the number of gallons estimated that you would use throughout the 11-Month EasyPay Program and times that by our market price.  The amount we get from this is then divided by the 11 months.  If you should have a credit at the start of the program this would be deducted by your total lowering your monthly cost!


Getting Started:

Fill out and submit our Sign-Up form below for a EasyPay Monthly Program. Or, print the PDF form, fill it out and return it to us; Our represenative will contact you when we receive your form to ask a few questions to ensure an accurate projection of your aticipated prepay oil prices.  Then we'll let you know your low monthly payment based on usage estimate.  You will be requered to start the program on a full tank of heating oil or send a deposit that would cover a full tnak.  This is to avoid EasyPay funds from being used right away.

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