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Heating Oil

Never worry about running out of fuel again! Our automatic fuel delivery service guarantees that you'll always stay cozy, no matter the weather. With over 70 years of experience serving homes in Lancaster, York, and Chester County, you can trust us to keep you comfortable all year round. Say goodbye to chilly nights and hello to peace of mind with our reliable fuel delivery service.

Derric our delivery driver filling up a customers tank.

We have options

Check out some of the options we have below for your heating oil deliveries!

Automatic Delivery

Never worry about running out of heating oil.  We will come out and delivery automatically.

Will Call Delivery

Need a delivery but want to control when you receive them?  We can deliver to you within just a few short business days.

EasyPay Program

We offer a capped monthly EasyPay Program.  This helps you budget out your dollars and save money at the same time!

Why Choose Oil Heat?

It's Safe

Experience safe and eco-friendly warmth with oil heat. Modern heating oil is a remarkable 95% cleaner than its 1970's counterpart. The liquid form of heating oil, which is how it exists in your tank and system, is completely non-flammable. So, even in the event of an oil leak, rest assured, there's no risk of an explosion.

It's Efficient

Oil heat is significantly more efficient than natural gas heat. In fact, it provides 35% more heat per gallon. Not only does it burn hotter, resulting in faster heating for your home, but newer energy-efficient systems also require less fuel than older ones.

It Lasts

Did you know that heating oil systems can last up to 25 years? That's right, with proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy a long-lasting heating system. Simply cleaning the ducts every couple of years and regularly changing the filter will help extend its lifespan. Take care of your system and reap the benefits for years to come.


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